Healy – Frequencies for your life

Whether for health, wellness, fitness, beauty or the mind, Healy is extremely versatile. This little multi-talented device has the right programs for all the important areas of your life. Healy‘s specific frequencies and fine currents can be used anytime, even when you‘re out and about – to help on all levels.

Health - Well-Being - Balance

Always the right frequency.

Healy has the goal to analyse the individual frequencies you need at any given moment. We want to help you improve your wellbeing in a holistic and sustainable way.

Use the Healy for many diseases, mental strengthening, sports, wellness and rest & recovery. We want to make it possible for all people to be able to live a holistically healthy life.

Healy is a certified medical device and is the first wearable device that can treat a variety of diseases, controlled by a smartphone. It is meant to simply give you the frequencies you need, whether you are at home, on the road, during leisure time or at work.

Note: Healy, the cell membrane voltage model according to Becker and Nordenstrom and the applications described here are not recognised by the orthodox medicine because of missing evidence in the sense of orthodox medicine.

Marcus Schmieke & Nuno Nina

The Healy system has been developed by Marcus Schmieke and the Portuguese Nuno Nina.


After ten successful years with TimeWaver, Marcus Schmieke wish is to make the therapist systems he developed, and the therapeutic protocols which have been tried and tested thousands of times, available to everyone.


Nuno Nina is head of 7 clinics for integrative medicine and a specialist in cell biology. In many years of practical work he collected 130,000 frequencies, the so-called Gold frequencies, and assigned them to specific disease patterns. His experience with more than 45,000 patients strengthens our opinion that a reduced voltage of the cell membrane is present in almost all diseases.

Health begins in the cell

With a healthy cell membrane tension.

According to the model by the two researchers Robert O. Becker and Bjorn Nordenstrom (former chairman of the Nobel Prize Commission), disrupted cell membrane tension is one of the causes of almost all acute and chronic illnesses. Healy is designed to help you to restore a healthy cell membrane tension.

In our cells, and throughout the entire body, fine currents flow at different frequencies. According to the model mentioned above, the cell membrane tension can decrease with age and in the event of a disease. This process can lead to pain, inflammation and cell death.

Healy is meant to counteract this process with the right currents and frequencies and, if necessary, even reverse it.

16 program groups

All this and, if you wish, many more possibilities are found in this little wearable and the Healy app. In 16 program groups, you have access to over 140 programs, which you can easily transfer to your Healy.

Our Healy Medical Cloud

With the Healy app you can access a network of experienced therapists, doctors and naturopaths through our Medical Cloud and then book a virtual consultation.

Healy offers the unique possibility to transfer individualized, specially created programs directly to your Healy app, in real-time via the Medical Cloud.

Healy is available now.

Order your own Healy and discover the frequencies for your life!

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